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 Writing my first book felt alarmingly natural. Publishing that book, on the other hand, wasAuthorPicCBergling an entirely surreal experience.

Savages started as just an idea. A world I dreamt about, voices I heard in my head. I jotted notes in the dark in a notebook I kept by my bed, grasping at the tails of a dream before it fled my consciousness completely. I wallowed in that other world on my commute to work, allowing my mind to side step out of traffic and onto a post-apocalyptic stage. I typed whole scenes into draft emails at my desk at work when my two characters were far more enticing than the flat computer screens under florescent lighting.

I lived in the story, at least a little bit, every day I was working on it. I was infected by it as my mind so often chose to live there over reality. I could pass an entire meeting dodging savages in the landscape of my brain.

Each night, I channeled the advice Stephen King proclaimed in On Writing. After my daughter was tucked into bed, I sat, and I wrote. I did not allow the editor embedded in my brain to interject as I typed. I tried not to think or structure or force; I tried to just allow the writing to gain momentum and take me over.

Thankfully, with Savages, this was easy. Parker and Marcus marched through my head all day, migrated through my dreams at night. It was not challenging to construct words around them each evening.

Writing was always the easy part. Ever since I was a child, the words just tumbled out of my broken brain. It was natural, instinctual. It was everything else—the business of writing—that was foreign.

writerAdmittedly, I was completely naïve and unlearned about the publishing industry. It was my own fault. I was a writer; I knew that. I never bothered to look into how to become one publicly, all that was involved in publication. Foolishly, I thought a publishing contract would happen, and then it would all just fall in line after that.

Artist dreams.

I would have jumped through any hoops to be published though. Not the self-publishing that is so easily possible now. To release a book that way, I would have just needed to complete the novel. No one would have known to buy it, but it would have been out there. That was not enough for me. My dream was to be accepted and supported by an actual publishing company. I wanted to pass the quality control and competition of being signed by an entity.

When it happened, when Assent Publishing offered me the publishing contract for Savages, I found myself in shock. It had always been my ultimate career goal to publish a book; however, with the influx of real life, that goal had shifted behind income, family, and basic day-to-day employment.

Deep down, I think a part of me had relinquished part of the idea of that success. Part of me had become complacent with my life as it was and my success as a professional rather than an artist. When publishing became a surprising reality, I was reminded of how long I had wanted it.

After the shock wore off, reality began to settle in, which started with learning about the publishing industry.

Assent Publishing offered and required an education in the industry and self-directed marketing as part of the publication process. Initially, I found this requirement simultaneously exciting and confining. The idea of so many lessons bogged down my writing time. Yet with each lesson, I learned just how much I did not know.

When I was dreaming of becoming a published author as a child, I thought I just had to make it to publication. I just had to sign that contract, and I would have made it. In my mind (and maybe even accurately back then), the publisher would then whisk my carefully crafted words away, package them, distribute them, sell them. I would simply sit back and be a published author.

Tragically, this is not the case. I wish I had known writing my book would be the easy (and more enjoyable) part. I wish I had known the story, the book itself would take a backseat to the marketing and promoting of said book. If I did not do the final read through of the book before I release, I may have forgotten my own characters by the time I held it in print.

However, I am grateful to know the industry in reality. I am happy to be a part of it, pushing and scraping to be heard amidst the road. When I was able to hold my first book in my own hands, it was worth it. It was worth all the work, as it always would be.

Christina Bergling
Author of Savages

Two survivors search the ruins of America for the last strain of humanity. Marcus believes they are still human; Parker knows her own darkness. Until one discovery changes everything.


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A Delightful Hong Kong Treasure

AuthorPicDWicklesBookI have always loved the Oriental culture and martial arts movies. I’ve seen just about every movie Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or Jet Li ever made. So it may come as little surprise that I studied martial arts myself for several years.

Tying that into my love of fiction and romance, I came up with the idea for Hong Kong Treasure. It took me a year to research Hong Kong and China, then two years to write the story but I enjoyed every minute. The characters came alive for me and I couldn’t stop. I hope you enjoy reading Hong Kong Treasure as much as I did writing it.


Leyte Province in the Philippines.Chinese fan-mine
Her running steps echoed from the walls. Would he catch her? It meant white slavery if he did. Slamming open the kitchen door, she burst out of the hotel despite the typhoon ravaging the eastern coast. The destructive winds and rains were buffered in the alleyway behind the hotel, but she still had to fight for each step away from the man she knew was just behind her.
Without warning, massive walls of water rushed into the alley from both ends. The sixteen-foot wave scooped her up and battered her against the buildings. When the storm surge receded, she lay bruised and unconscious beneath a mass of water-logged debris.

dragon from morque fileWhat would you do if you woke up in a church-turned-shelter after a devastating typhoon with no idea of who you were or what you were even doing in the Philippines? You have nothing to your name, having to borrow a too-large sundress, and all around you are the injured and lost.

Then a handsome, Chinese actor and philanthropist shows up with much needed money and supplies and offers to take you with him to Hong Kong to rest and recuperate. Would you go?

The American girl Deshi Han rescues and names Annie, begins to follow him while he makes movies and performs his charity works. She enjoys their time together; however, all is not smooth sailing. Deshi’s female assistant is jealous of her and Annie is troubled with nightmares that reveal a danger from her past.Chinese columns - Morgue file

Deshi, famous all over Asia, has always given 110% to his career and charity works. He feels a serious relationship would jeopardize that commitment so he denies his growing affection for Annie. Rescuing her was just one of his numerous acts of charity, and even though he is enjoying showing her his world, when she gains her memory back, he will calmly deliver her to her family.

But things do not always go as planned.

March is Red Cross Month, so anyone purchasing Hong Kong Treasure will not only gain a fun read, they will be benefiting a worthy cause. I have pledged to donate a portion of each book sale to the American Red Cross. For more information on the American Red Cross and the valuable work they do, go to

D. Dominik Wickles


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Truly Stellar Science Fiction!

Assent Publishing’s Farther Books imprint is thrilled to announce the winners of the 2014 STELLAR SCI-FI Contest. We travelled through worlds throughout the galaxy and enjoyed every minute of the ride. Along the way we encountered worlds beyond earthly description, technologies that awe, and brave characters that overcame seemingly insurmountable circumstances. Against still talent competition, two tales rose to the surface as we chose the winners of the Farther Books Stellar Sci-Fi contest.


AuthorPicBetteGoldenLambOur GRAND PRIZE WINNER is author Bette Golden Lamb with her deliciously disturbing dive into a dark dystopia fraught with medical mayhem in Rx Deferred. The Corporate-Government wars of 2020 have resulted in a Corporit dictatorship. Its legacy? Escalating climate change, limited food supplies, and clean air only for the elite.

Bette Golden Lamb is an RN, three-dimensional artist,AntiBody and writer. She claims to need all of these disciplines to stay out of trouble. Her art works have appeared in numerous national shows and are mostly held in private collections. She lives with her husband, J.J., in Northern California, but was raised in the Bronx, which is probably why she likes to write dark and gritty novels. The third of the Gina Mazzio RN medical thriller series, Bone Pit, was recently released. The series, plus two other novels, were written with J. J.

Our FINALIST is author Revelly Robinson with another peek into the future that is both beautiful and ominous at the same time in Pangaea where The Pangaea Corporation controls what Chantel Wild buys, where she shops, and where she works. How long before it also controls what she thinks?

AuthorPicRevellyRobinsonRevelly Robinson was born in Perth, Western Australia and has lived in various other cities in Australia as well as briefly in China and Afghanistan. She has been a practicing lawyer for nearly a decade and is currently taking a break from the profession to undertake postgraduate studies in law. Revelly has been a long time arts reviewer and online opinion writer for various websites, such as ArtsHub and Online Opinion. She has written a number of plays performed by the community theatre company Theatre 451 and published on the Off the Wall Plays website. Since 2013, Revelly has been focusing on writing political articles, short fiction and poetry for the independent newspaper The Australia Times and has recently taken up the responsibility of editor for the Theatre magazine. Revelly was the recipient of the Playwrights Encouragement Award at the Sydney Crash Test Drama in June 2013. She was also shortlisted for the Australian Capital Territory Writers Centre’scomputerchipbrain Young Writers Award in 2013. Revelly has many active interests including mountain biking, kayaking, bush walking, gardening, cooking and travelling. She has an unhealthy addiction to Australian politics and tweets incessantly about random and mundane things. She is also fascinated by innovative technologies and is always excited by developments in renewable energy technology. Revelly currently lives in Canberra with her obedient German Shepherd dog and travels to Sydney and Vanuatu for her studies on a regular basis.

Ms. Lamb and Ms. Robinson have contracted with Assent Publishing and receive all benefits offered including professional editing, professional cover design, print and ebook formatting, distribution, intense marketing training through the Assent Academy, and the unparalleled Assent Publishing commitment to author success.

Congratulations to our winners!

Have you imagined possibilities beyond our wildest dreams…or nightmares? Farther Books is accepting submissions. Please review our submission requirements and send your materials to

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