Fantasy Wins the Day!

WinnersFinally I’m able to announce the winners of the Assent Publishing 2013 EPIC FANTASY Contest! From the many books and authors who entered this contest, my task was to find the few books that not only showed me amazing world building, character development, and fantastical stories, but gave me something more! I was searching for something unique and special among the countless woman (or man) meets supernatural creature and together they save the world ideas out there. I wanted meat, I wanted guts, I wanted glory, but I wanted it served on a different kind of platter.

And I found it! Announcing the winners of the 2013 EPIC FANTASY Contest!

touch 2GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Denise Robarge Tanaka for her amazing, unique, and powerful book, Touch. On another world, in another time, a mysterious clang renders a curse where touch causes pain. Only two people are immune: a cloistered woman and a ne’er-do-well man who together embark on a perilous journey to find a cure. This story startled and held my attention, telling a classical epic fantasy with amazing world building and a very distinctive story. Look for Touch in 2014. You will love this!


Dead Man's DealJax Daniels, Dead Man’s Deal. When Winki Witherspoon inherits a New Orleans mansion, she also inherits her own magical talent. Can she master it, and discover her late husband’s traitor before she too is destroyed? This book has twists and turns I never saw coming!

GloamingBrendan Murphy and his fantastic YA, Beyond the Gloaming. A cowardly Yorkshire lad must brave the ghostly Gloaming to save the Celtic dreamworld of his ancestors. Beyond the Gloaming is book one of the Sebastian and the Hibernauts Series, and we’re thrilled to have it at Assent Publishing’s Phantasm Books Imprint!

AmethystLinda M. Crate, Amethyst Epiphany. Don’t believe in faeries? That’s okay, Calliope Griffin didn’t either until she found out she was one. Magic’s been released, but the monsters have also. This is the first book in a delightful and dark YA urban fantasy trilogy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABarton Paul Levenson, Dark Gods of Alter Telluria is a vampire story like none you’ve read before. Losing his girlfriend wasn’t bad enough, but when scientist Milo Stanford stumbles into a whole new world, he’s now charged with saving Sania, Lake Gulia’s ruling teenage vampire. How’s he going to survive this?

Fairy Fantasy Assent Publishing’s Phantasm Books Imprint is dedicated to finding and publishing the most unique fantasy out there. Send your High Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Futuristic Fantasy, Historic Fantasy, Steampunk, Young Adult Fantasy, and Humorous Fantasy submissions to . We can’t wait to be swept into new fantastical worlds! Please visit us at

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