The Pact, CN Bring

AuthorPicCNBringFlagThe Pact launches May 2, 2013 and is the first available book in The Celia Kelly Series. I have always loved mysteries and books about the military. The first mystery series I ever followed was Scooby Doo as a child. It was fascinating how there was always a logical explanation for everything! My goal was to create a mystery/ suspense novel that was engaging, inspiring, fun, and page turning without being offensive.

I have raised four children with my husband of 32 years. We have three grandchildren. I have worked in an OR Central Sterile, as a dispatcher for a police department, have had hand gun training, and gotten an associates degree in Criminal Investigation. Having members of my family in the military, I grew up with a strong sense of God, country, and family. I try to mirror what I believe and feel strongly about into my story lines.

I am inspired by those who serve our country and those within our borders who go aboveDeptOvNavy and beyond to keep us safe every day, those in the military, law enforcement, doctors, nurses, and many others. My book was inspired by everyday people who are everyday heroes in extraordinary circumstances. Near and dear to my heart is CN Salute Page.

CN Salute is a page on my website that is dedicated to honor the men and women who have served or are serving our country. These brave men and women never cease to amaze when it comes to their sense of honor and country. They talk about why they serve and how it affects family and their experiences while serving.

There are heroes everywhere. I want to hear about yours when you enter The Hometown Hero Contest. Just tell me in 500 words or less who your hero is and why and the five winners will be submitted to my blog. The top story will be submitted to my blog and receive two copies of The Pact, one for the entrant and one for the hero.

The Pact is a story about a strong woman of faith and valor who takes on what seems to be impossible, yet she powers through to the other side the better for it. She meets a group of men who jump in to assist feet first, no questions asked. They build a strong alliance that takes them into one mystery after another.

The road to becoming published can be challenging but I would like to thank everyone at Bad Day Books for turning that into a great experience. They have a phenomenal support system.

I hope you enjoy reading The Pact and I look forward to sharing with you the next book in the series, The Lie.

CN Bring
Author at Assent Publishing, LLC


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