Phantasm Books Welcomes New Author Paul DeThroe

Welcome to Phantasm Books, the Fantasy Imprint for Assent Publishing!

As the Managing Editor for Phantasm Books, I am immersed in the written world of fantasy. I read extensively, and meet new authors, readers, and fans every day on my various social networking sites. We fantasy lovers are a special breed; I have made several lifelong friends on my travels. I truly love what I do!

There are various fantasy subgenres which I’ve spoken about before, but today I want to focus on Urban Fantasy.

Urban Fantasy is a unique, fascinating subgenre. A good UF author takes an ordinary, everyday setting and populates it with magical and/or supernatural creatures. These lovely (and sometimes loathsome) characters live side by side with the ordinary human werewolfbeings who go about their business, most of them oblivious to their extraordinary neighbors.

You know the ones I’m talking about. Sure, Henry the mailman LOOKS like an ordinary human, but I’m thinking there’s a reason my little dog loathes him so much. If I squint my eyes and look at Henry just the right way, his mutton chop whiskers seem to mask the coarse features of a werewolf! I catch myself wondering where Henry was on the night of the last full moon. And what he was doing…

An urban fantasy also incorporates certain paranormal elements. If the characters are bird of preyendowed with magical powers, the magic itself must dragonfollow certain rules. The author can make up the rules, as long as he sets them out for his readers and follows them throughout the story. This helps to keep the magic, well, BELIEVABLE. Another great element is shapeshifting, and is one of my favorites. Who HASN’T daydreamed about changing into a dragon, or a golden eagle, or even an ordinary house cat?

Next, the author shows us how the elements affect the characters. Let’s say the mild-mannered science teacher gains new, mystical powers during a mid-summer thunderstorm. Desktop-wallpapers-HD-free-lightning

Do his new abilities bring out the good or the evil inherent in him? Does he abuse his powers and attempt to take over the town? Or does he use his new powers for good, saving the citizens from the ravages of the local werewolves? Sometimes the lines between good and evil are blurred, and we see a mixture of both in the story’s main characters. How many of us have met a literary villain we love to hate? A heroine who rubs us the wrong way with her Pollyanna view on life?


Phantasm Books is pleased to announce that we have signed Paul DeThroe, author of Rise of the Raven Knights. The book is the first in the exciting Suffer the Witch Chronicles series. Mr. DeThroe incorporates the elements described above, throws in some supernatural twists, and weaves them expertly into a thrilling new urban fantasy.


There’s a strange old mystic woman in the neighborhood, and when Gazzy Windstorm tries to save the dying witch, she endows him with the powerful ability to shape-shift into a dragon. Now he must lead an army of undead knights into battle against black witchcraft and evil witches.

Rise of the Raven Knights takes an average, contemporary man into the realm of the supernatural, surrounded by demons, shape-shifters, ghosts, danger from evil forces and a few ill-timed magical disasters. In the end Gazzy must face another extraordinary transformation of his own, and a vow to fight evil until his death.

Paul DeThroe

Paul DeThroe was born in Kentucky and currently resides in Indiana with his children. He graduated with honors from Indiana State University, College of Business in 2011 and also has an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Arts from Cincinnati State Technical & Community College. DeThroe’s writing influences include Bernard Cornwell, Ernest Hemingway, and J.R.R. Tolkien. You may find some of DeThroe’s short stories in Death Head Grin E-zine; Indiana Horror Anthology, 2011; Indiana Science Fiction Anthology, 2011; Indiana Crime Anthology, 2011; Shwibly E-zine; Static Movement’s HELL anthology 2012; and The Arts & Entertainment Magazine/Eerie Digest.

Look for Rise of the Raven Knights in March!


Phantasm Books is the Fantasy Imprint for Assent Publishing. We are currently accepting submissions in the fantasy, urban fantasy, high fantasy, dark fantasy and steampunk genres. Send your submissions to I’m looking forward to reading YOUR stories.

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