Welcome to Breathless Books, our Romance Imprint at Assent Publishing.

Seriously, who doesn’t love romance? Whether it’s twisted into a mystery, tested within a paranormal or futuristic world, sweet, funny or serious, everyone loves a romance. Some may say they don’t, but just watch their faces when they see a couple holding hands and walking down the street. Busted! Everyone loves romance. In fact, Romance is the number one selling genre in the WORLD.

I (and Assent Publishing’s Breathless Books Imprint) love it, love it love it. Romance me with passion and fire, give me sweet, touching adoration. Show me edgy, punchy, interesting romance. I want to read joyous and happy romance, and sad, bittersweet romance. Show me stories from romantic flings to youthful crushes, from obsessive love to the discovery of love. Enthrall me with coming of age love or mid-life romantic revelation, with historic romance or romance between human and paranormal or supernatural creatures. Show me romance that alters a reader’s life view. A new kind of romance, the kind no one ever forgets.

Oh … but what we’re not looking for at Assent Publishing’s Breathless Books Imprint is the standard, typical formulaic romance that has been overdone and gone flat over the decades. We’re looking for amazing stories, wonderful characters and beautiful plot twists with layers and dimention. We want BREAKTHROUGH romance with characters a reader simply can’t help but love. Build a powerful story around these characters and show us romance as it’s never been presented. We want to publish romance books that spark readers, make them talk about it at the water cooler and tweet about it all over twitter. Take us to the edge and show us the light!

Assent Publishing’s Breathless Books Imprint is currently accepting Romance submissions. Send your submissions to I’ve got my Kleenex, chocolates and steaming cup of tea. I’m ready to read Romance submissions that move my heart, bring me to tears and make me shout with delight.

Check out Assent Publishing at today!

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