The start of something new

There is so much going on in our lives, our towns, our country, our world. We all want to do the right thing, but knowing what that is can be a puzzle. There’s just too much conflicting information. It can’t all be right. In today’s world, the truth is spun to the benefit of the storyteller.

If you are just starting out, maybe going to school, how do you decide what career path to prepare for? With technology advancing more quickly than we can adapt and a precarious economy, what’s the best choice? If you are raising your children and don’t like what public, and even private learning institutions have to offer, where do you find quality, unbiased teaching materials?

Some of us have had long established careers and might even be approaching retirement. What do you do if you’ve lost your job and your profession isn’t hiring anymore? Or maybe you just need to extend your working life, but are looking for a fresh perspective to help you find your path.

Careers are important, but there is also so much more to life. Some of us are just plain thirsty for knowledge. What really is the state of our economy? How do religions inspire? What is sustainable living all about? Others just want to find new ways to keep their family together. Wouldn’t it be great to find creative things to do such as cooking fun food with your kids, or spend a weekend building dreams with your spouse?

How can you sift through the thick molasses of politics? Even if you could, would the answers you seek really be there? How can you make positive change that will be impactful, that will lead society in the right direction? What is that direction? There is much more to life than the number forty-two, but sadly, so much of what is common knowledge today has been spoon fed to us from entertainment and news industries fraught with misguided agendas.

So let’s say that a box full of common sense suddenly plopped down in front of you. You can pull anything out of it you wish. It houses only reliable, positive, information. The content is easy to read and quite memorable. You can share it with your friends and family. What is the first topic of your choice?

Path Maker Books

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